Why Bourbon and Pie?

Why Bourbon and Pie? Why the Podcast?
And Who Do You Think You Are Anyhow?!

I’m writing a book about effectiveness for introverts and while doing so, it was suggested a few one-day-will-be-famous people, that I do a podcast. So that learning-curve started (it’s been fun, but if I were a Pilgrim, as of this writing, I’d only now just be hitting Plymouth Rock).
My first podcast was in Feb, 2019 with my father-in-law, Pops Doan where we happened to indulge in cocktails and Mama S’s Key Lime Pie. And although we threw back a few of Pop’s Italian Manhattans, the name Bourbon and Pie bubbled to the top and stuck like chewed-and-discarded bubble gum on a Walmart parking lot in July.
Oh, and I’m just a simple man who wants to conquer change the world – one introvert at a time.

What’s This Book Thing Aboot?

(Note my shrewd international appeal to Canadians – and you thought “Aboot” was a typo. AS IF!).
Yes, I’m writing a book and I know you’re just chomping at the bit to pre-order. So contact me if you want to get into a massively-long queue for that. We (the royal we) are a bit overwhelmed with the pre-orders so please be patient with us ;).
In case you don’t know, it’s a book with tools for introverts for their inner Yoda to come alive.
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