Swagger O’ Month

Swaggers of the Month

What is Swagger?

Attidude. Confidence.
About time you got a shirt!

You don’t need to walk or behave like a Tiger King and walk around like you are impervious to any laws.

Just know that wearing any of the Bourbon and Pie t-shirts will automatically infiltrate your inner Chi and instill confidence and indebted arrogance in a non-physical aggressive way. It’s what you need.

Grandma’s love ’em.

Grandpa’s put them on before their pants – sometimes they will spend the whole day just walking around with ONLY a Bourbon and Pie t-shirt (we couldn’t display those t-shirts, less classify our site as gerontology porn).

As for you, in the least, you’ll adore the amazing and life-changing comfortableness of the fabrics – all chosen by the Boom Boom, herself. 

Full service. Integrated. Studio.
We are interested in results.

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