Swagger O’ Month : Sep2019

Holligans & Their Shenanigans

You may know that this is Kimberly, AKA, Kerosene Kimmy, maker of the September Pie O’ Month – the “Knockout Key Lime Pie”. In this photo, she just finished baking the actual pie that was submitted for the monthly pie. She was exhausted and about to nap but instead, decided to put on an “I [heart]” BnP shirt. Than suddenly, her body melted like the butter did when making the graham cracker crust. That’s what our shirts make you feel like. Just saying.
If you knew this guy…well, let’s just say you should be glad you don’t. He’ll sell the hell out of this shirt and bug you to no end to buy one for yourself. And he’s not even a paid endorser (yet).

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