LP – Introvert Shakeup

You don’t need to be the loudest or first to talk
– your uniqueness will do the talking for you.

• Enhance or transform yourself
• Be your true, authentic self
• Divulge your ideas and thoughts
• Speak your truth
• Find your voice

Have a 20 minute exploratory call

Let me know more about where you are now

Chris Escobar, Introvert Coach

Most people need the time and space to think, process, and crystallize their thoughts and ideas.
Every person and situation is unique. See what the possibilities are and let’s chat to see where I can help.

Some exploration could involve some or all of the following:
• Defining goals: interim or long-term
• Values assess
• A diagnostic evaluation
• Mapping
• Create a goal-setting process

Thank you for taking the time. My life goal is to help people become the next better versions of themselves. Find out more about me at 411.